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30-Day money back guarantee when purchasing our Taxidermy Classes - Taxidermy Videos4-DVD Taxidermy Course:  This is a complete start-to-finish taxidermy course - nothing has been left out.  Designed for beginners to learn taxidermy from home.  The 4-DVD Taxidermy Video Course includes:

*  Deer Taxidermy Course DVD
*  Fish - Bass Taxidermy Course
*  Duck - Bird Taxidermy Course
*  Bobcat Taxidermy Course

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Each of the taxidermy courses on video teach the start to finish taxidermy process - no other instruction is needed to produce a professional looking mount for each species.  We have chosen the 4 most popular areas of taxidermy for 4 DVD set.  But custom sets are available for the same price.  Just call us at 800-238-1070 and you can select any 4 videos for the same discounted price. 


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4-Video Taxidermy School Teaches:

All Video Taxidermy Classes are recently filmed with HD Technology in our state-of-the art studio for great quality.  Only the best materials and modern techniques are used.   Each video teaches the entire process, start to finish, for professional quality looking taxidermy projects.  Whitetail Deer, Fish, Flying Duck and Bobcat - Steps Covered:

*  How to take the measurements to order supplies
*  All the taxidermy supplies and tools needed
*  How to skin, flesh, clean and preserve the skin
*  How to prepare the manikin
*  Preparing the animal skin (eyes, lips, ears, feathers, fins)
*  Clay and sculpting work
*  The complete mounting process
*  Finish work and painting details

On Sale $69.95, Reg $99.95




4- Video Taxidermy Classes:

Master Taxidermist Bill Atkins is the instructor in all of the Taxidermy Courses on Video.   For this course, Bill has selected the most popular areas of taxidermy:

*  Whitetail Deer
*  Fish - Largemouth Bass
*  Ducks - Flying Mallard
*  Bobcat - Small Mammals

Each video covers the step by step process from start to finish, to have a professional looking trophy for each species.  This is our most popular course and the students give rave reviews!

Free list of taxidermy supply companies and trade journals for all students. 

Taxidermy Course teaching Deer, Fish, Duck, Bobcat Taxidermy - Taxidermy VideosTaxidermy Course - Student Testimonials:

"Bill, thank you very much for sharing your talent with us, these DVD'S has made me become more confident in my work and as you can see, I have learned more than I ever did with your teaching, Thank you."    Kenny R

"These are just a couple of the deer I mounted this year for myself using your Master Series DVDs. I've also mounted a coyote, a fox, and a bobcat. The DVDs are very informative and easy to learn from. I recommend your DVDs to everyone who ask where I've learned how to begin in the taxidermy field. I hope that one day that you put a DVD out that is strictly for altering different mannequins."  Melanie P 

"I've been doing a little taxidermy over the years, but wanted to learn some different techniques.  I ordered your DVDs and really enjoyed watching.  I actually did learn a few things - very professionally done.  Thank you!"  Joseph F, MT


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