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Gifts for Hunters

30-Day money back guarantee when purchasing our Taxidermy Classes - Taxidermy VideosIf you have a hunter in your life, then you know the passion they have for the outdoors, wildlife and the memories they create hunting.  We understand that passion and are offering a great gift idea for hunters by packaging our most popular Taxidermy Training DVDs in affordable gift sets!  This is a great option for the young hunter that wants to develop a fun hobby or for the seasoned hunter looking to mount his or her own trophies.  Perhaps even start a business and make a profit!  We currently have 13 different DVDs and 3 gift sets, but we will happily put a custom gift together:

Any 4 DVDs, $69.95
Any 8 DVDs, $99.95
All 13 DVDs, $129.95

Look over the packages and choose the best deal for your hunter! 

All the DVDs in the Gift Packages and featured on this website are the highest quality, filmed with HD technology and use the latest techniques and materials.  No better way to learn taxidermy! 


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Gifts for Hunters - Taxidermy Training DVDs:

This 2-Hour Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Video on DVD is one of our best selling gifts because the passion of most hunters IS Deer Hunting!  And just about every hunter would like to know how to mount their own trophy deer.  This is a great gift for any deer hunter because it teaches every step from field care to the final finish work. 

An excellent hobby for a hunter to share with their son or daughter!  We provide free shipping worldwide and a 30 day money back guarantee! 

Give the gift of learning a new hobby with our 2-Hour Bass Taxidermy Video!  From taking the measurements and ordering the materials to the finial detail and painting, you will learn how to mount a fish - trophy bass or capture a memory.  This is a great gift for the fisherman or woman you love!  Birthdays, Christmas, or just because they deserve a gift. 

The DVD teaches how to mount a Largemouth Bass, but the same techniques can be used on other fish like Crappie, Perch, Small Mount, Walleye and Stripper.

Complete start to finish Duck Taxidermy DVD is 2-Hours long and teaches how to mount a flying Mallard Duck, but the same techniques can be used in mounting other birds such as Pintail, Woodduck and Buffelhead. 

Each step of the process is covered, from the materials and supplies to painting and final detail work.  This is a great gift for the Duck Hunter in your life!


The most thorough class on DVD available on Bobcat Taxidermy!  Enjoy learning each step of the process from taking the measurements and ordering the supplies to posing and finishing the trophy mount.  Your instructor, Bill Atkins, will explain each phase of the project, anticipating the questions that most students ask and addressing the challenges that typically arise.  Upon completing your bobcat mount, you'll be ready to tackle your next project! 

The same techniques can be applied to other life-size animals such as raccoon, squirrel and fox. 

The Squirrel Taxidermy Training DVD is a great gift for hunters because it is a simple project that a beginner can enjoy.  Bill leaves nothing out as he teaches how to skin, flesh, preserve and mount a climbing squirrel.  He covers techniques that can be used on other small mammals such as raccoon and fox. 

Mounting a squirrel is a great project for a young hunter to try as well. 

Hide Tanning - How To Tan A HideIn this Taxidermy DVD, Bill teaches how to Tan a Hide to get a soft, throw rug with the hair on.  He uses a deer skin hide in the class, but the same techniques can be used on any animal hide.  Step by step instruction teaches how to skin, flesh, salt, pickle and tan the hide.

Hide tanning is a great project for a beginner!


European Mounts and Rack Mounts DVDHow to complete European Mounts and Rack Mounts are covered in this Taxidermy DVD.  These are popular methods to display a set of horns and they are a good introduction to taxidermy.  Also, these are money-making services to offer in a taxidermy shop!  Very few supplies are required and the completion time is short. 

Both lessons are included in the DVD, with bonus footage on how to cape out a deer head to save the cape for future use.

This Strutting Turkey DVD is the most complete instructional DVD available for turkey taxidermy.  Bill uses detailed explanation, up close footage and teaches each step, including skinning, fleshing, preserving, painting the head, mounting and finishing.   This is a thoughtful gift for turkey hunters!

In watching this DVD, hunters will also see how to complete a Turkey Fan mount.

Bull Elk are truly majestic creatures!  Bill captures that incredible beauty in this 2-hour instructional taxidermy DVD for a Bugling Elk.  He starts with a tanned cape and explains the process of preparing the hide, preparing the manikin, setting the mouth piece, horns and eyes and the entire mounting and sewing.

Although this DVD includes advanced techniques, beginners will also enjoy seeing a big project from start to finish.    

A Trophy Mule Deer mount make for an impressive addition to any hunter's den!  This DVD teaches how to achieve a beautiful, professional looking shoulder mount.  While the techniques are similar to the whitetail deer, a mule deer's eyes, ears and cape are a unique.  Bill starts with a tanned cape and explains how to set the horns, eyes, prepare the form and complete the mounting process for a trophy mule deer any hunter would be proud to display.   

When hunters think of Western Game, Pronghorn Antelope are near the top of the list!  Antelope have some unique features that require special attention and instruction for taxidermy.  How to clean and set the horns, repairing bullet holes, shaping the ears - it's all covered in this DVD.  Starting from the tanned cape to the final finish work, see how a professional looking Antelope mount is completed. 

The Caping, Fleshing and Tanning DVD is a great gift for hunters because all hunters need to know how to prepare a trophy in the field.  Proper field care can is a vital part of achieving a quality mount.  In this DVD, steps on where to make incisions, how to remove the hide from the animal, how to flesh, salt and preserve (tan) the hide for taxidermy purposes.


This Taxidermy DVD contains 3 Lessons:

   -  Rack Mount or Horn Mount
   -  Fish Mount Repair
   -  Deer Feet Gun Rack

This is a good gift for hunters because it has a variety of taxidermy projects that are simple to complete with a low cost in materials.  Each project is explained and demonstrated start to finish. 


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