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Bass - Fish Taxidermy School on Video - DVD and Instant Download

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Fish Taxidermy School on Video

30-Day money back guarantee when purchasing our Taxidermy Classes - Taxidermy VideosBass - Fish Taxidermy DVD: Filmed in our new taxidermy studio in 2010! This complete start-to-finish Fish Taxidermy Instruction DVD teaches Bass Taxidermy and is perfect for beginners. Learn these easy steps from home and you will have a fun hobby or business you will enjoy for years to come.


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Although the Fish Taxidermy DVD demonstrates mounting a Largemouth Bass, mastering these techniques will greatly aid you in mounting other fish such as Small-mouth Bass, Trout, Perch, Crappie, Bream and other skin-mountable fish.  All our DVDs were filmed using HD technology using all the latest taxidermy supplies and techniques enabling you to achieve a professional-looking mount.

In this Bass Taxidermy DVD, Bill explains the necessary taxidermy supplies and teaches Measuring, Skinning, Fleshing, Preserving, Manikin Prep, Mounting, Detail Painting and Finish Work. This Fish Taxidermy DVD is included in the 4-DVD Set also including Whitetail Deer, Duck and Bobcat.


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Fish Taxidermy School - Student Testimonials:

"I really enjoyed the Bass DVD.  The painting part made a lot of sense. I look forward to receiving your other videos."  Wade G., FL

"Mr. Bill, My dad and I have really liked watching your videos. We are going to mount our first bass this weekend. Thanks for your help and wish me luck." Jonathan C., TX

"Bill, Thanks for the tips. Your DVDs are the best! Best wishes."  Mark S., MS

"I have really enjoyed watching your DVD. The way you showed the painting part
made it look easier than I thought."  Alex F., PA

On SALE $24.95
Reg $29.95

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Fish Taxidermy Tips

Proper Field Care for Fish:  Fish Taxidermy without a doubt begins with proper field care. If your goal is to produce the best looking mount possible, make sure you start with an fish that has had excellent care in the field. This will greatly effect the quality of the finished mount. So you have caught a mountable trophy fish, what do you do?
Never let the fish flop around in the boat or cooler
Place the fish on ice as soon as possible
When you get home, measure your fish to order supplies:
A: Gill Plate to Base of Tail
B: Measure width of the eye in millimeters
C: Measure around the fattest part of the belly of the fish
Wrap your fish in a very wet towel. This will protect the fins when frozen.
Place in a plastic garbage bag, seal it tightly and freeze it at once.
Fish Reference and Anatomy: To understand fish taxidermy you must first have a true understanding of the fish you are mounting. The most valuable thing you can do is develop a library of fish reference material. I started out with Bass because they were plentiful in my area. You can start by clipping fish pictures from fishing magazines and taking photos of the fish you catch. One of the most valuable things I did was get a large aquarium to place live fish in to study. This advanced my fish taxidermy to a whole new level. Think of what I learned by watching a live 6 lb bass. Keep as much of your fish taxidermy reference material at your work area as possible. As you mount your fish, study each area with your reference. See how close you can come to duplicating a live fish. Do the same thing when painting your fish. Develop the habit of trying to duplicate a living fish every time you sit down to work. This will help you in becoming a Master at Fish Taxidermy.


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