Duck Taxidermy School on Video

Duck Taxidermy School on Video - DVD

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Duck Taxidermy School on Video

30-Day money back guarantee when purchasing our Taxidermy Classes - Taxidermy VideosThis step-by-step Duck Taxidermy School Video will teach you how to create beautiful life-like mounts from home.  This flying mallard Taxidermy DVD is the perfect place to start learning Bird Taxidermy. You will watch the entire process of skinning, fleshing and mounting a flying Mallard on this two-hour DVD.  By mastering these taxidermy techniques, you will also benefit when mounting other waterfowl such as Woodducks or Pintails.

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Taxidermy Training DVDs teaching how to mount a flying duck, mallard, but the same techniques can be used on other waterfowl such as Woodduck, Pintail and Bufflehead.Duck Taxidermy Classes - Student Testimonials:

"Bill, the waterfowl taxidermy DVD was very informative.  I really liked seeing how to fix the broken wing."  Brian

"I am so glad I found the waterfowl taxidermy video - the quality was really good.  My first mount has turned out really well."  John T

"Years ago I ordered your videos and learned a lot, but the new DVDs are even better! I like the HD quality!   I got the waterfowl taxidermy video this time."  Robbie

On SALE $24.95
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Duck Taxidermy Tips

Field Care:  Without a doubt proper field care will determine the quality of your finished duck mount. When collecting ducks in the field your normally shooting it with a shotgun so try to select a duck that has the least amount of damage. Check feet, bill and spread wings to make sure your duck is not missing feathers. While in the field protect your selected duck by placing it head first down a pair of old panty hose. The panty hose will do a great job of holding feathers in place to reduce damage. Wrap your duck in two plastic bags and seal them very tightly. Freeze the duck as soon as possible. Keep the duck on ice, but do not get it wet until freezing is possible.

Collect Good Duck Reference:  One of the most valuable things you can do to perfect your duck taxidermy skills is to study live ducks as much as possible. You can start by collecting photos from duck hunting magazines. If you have a local zoo, go study the live ducks. The most successful duck taxidermist in the world have duck aviaries at the shop or home to study their own collection of live ducks. Taking the time to study ducks, and duck references will be a huge factor in your becoming a true master at duck taxidermy.

Duck Taxidermy can be a fun and creative hobby or it can add revenue to the bottom line of your taxidermy business.  Our video teaches how to mount a flying duck using a Mallard specimen.  This is the best place to begin in learning the process.  Once you have mastered this mount, you can move on to other mounts and even water display cases that are truly a work of taxidermy art. 


Goose Taxidermy is very similar to duck taxidermy.  The specimen is larger, but the mounting process is the same.  As with all taxidermy areas, good reference materials and quality photos of live geese is very important.



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